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L.L. Finds Success With CyberKnife!

L.L. Finds Success With CyberKnife!

Dear Dr. Mak, Dr. Grace, Thomas, Edwin, Aileen, Paula and Edith:

Thank you all for taking such good care of me during the planning and delivery of my CyberKnife treatment.  I really appreciate the attentive and compassionate care that I have received the entire time I have been coming.  Thanks again!

~ L.L. (diagnosed with adrenal metastasis)


New Patient Testimonial =)

We just received another wonderful patient testimonial =)  Today is a happy day =)

“I had no idea what to expect with the new treatment. I was very pleasantly surprised that the whole experience has been so easy. I had no pain or after effects of any kind. The doctors and the staff have been most helpful and took good care of me. All my questions were answered and I have felt comfortable at all times throughout the procedure.” 


New Patient Testimonial

We just received a testimonial from one of our prostate cancer patients, and would like to share his comments with you all:

“The staff at the Pasadena CyberKnife Center was very patient and accommodating.  They worked very hard to make sure that the entire treatment process went as smoothly as possible.  They addressed all my concerns and issues promptly and fully.    They also made patient comfort a high priority in their center and I was comfortable the entire time.  The treatment itself was not stressful and the side effects is very minimal.  Thank you for everything!”


Dear J:

Thank you so much for the wonderful testimonial you gave us.  We wish you all the best!

From Team PCC =)