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The Pasadena CyberKnife Center has added a new technology for men choosing to undergo radiation therapy for prostate cancer. The new addition, SpaceOAR hydrogel, is a protective spacer between the prostate and the rectum. It has been clinically proven to reduce the risk of side effects from radiation treatment. To learn more about SpaceOAR hydrogel, please click here.

Welcome to Pasadena Cyberknife Center

Comprehensive Cancer Treatment & Care Center

Pasadena Cyberknife Center brings a state-of-the art cancer treatment center to the residents of the Los Angeles area. By combining the latest technology with the most advanced CyberKnife treatment available, our team of experienced specialists can deliver proven, life-saving remedies to our patients. The CyberKnife Robotic Radiosurgery System is offered as a primary treatment or an alternative to surgery and traditional radiation therapy for many type of cancers including prostate, brain cancer, and lung cancer, and some non-cancerous disorders, such as Trigeminal Neuralgia, throughout the body. It is also effective when used in conjunction with other types of treatments such as surgery or chemotherapy. Regardless of what type or how serious your cancer may be, there is hope for a healthy tomorrow.

We Choose To Believe

If you or your loved one has just been diagnosed with cancer, we know the options for treatment can be overwhelming. There are so many things to learn, decisions to make, and little time to get started. That’s where Pasadena CyberKnife can help. We choose to believe. To believe that you can overcome the obstacles of a cancer diagnosis. We base that belief on our knowledge, expertise and history of successful patient outcomes for people just like you.

Because of the extreme accuracy of the CyberKnife system in targeting your cancerous cells, your treatment will only last a short time each day, with your treatments completed in just one to five days. Other conventional radiation therapies, which we also offer, are given daily and can last up to nine weeks and could require methods of treatment that are very uncomfortable. The CyberKnife treatment is comfortable, pain-free and leaves you with little to no side-effects. Pasadena CyberKnife is also approved by Medicare and most insurance providers as an in-network preferred provider.

Our caring team of dedicated radiation oncologists will make sure you understand how CyberKnife works for your diagnosed cancer in a language you can understand. We’ll work with you to develop a comprehensive plan of cancer treatment that is best for your individual case. And we’ll be right there to support you every step of the way in our fight to beat cancer. CyberKnife must be explored as an option for your cancer treatment!

Make Your First Call to Pasadena CyberKnife

Contact us today to learn if you are a candidate for CyberKnife treatment. Call us at (626) 768-1021 to schedule a consultation. We welcome all of your questions and hope you learn more about CyberKnife treatment. If you’ve been diagnosed with cancer and provided other treatment options, give us a call for a second opinion. CyberKnife simply must be explored as a treatment option for you. Contact our Los Angeles area cancer center today.

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What our patients say

  • "Had it not been for the CyberKnife, I would surely be carrying around an oxygen tank.”

    Joan, Lung Cancer

  • “If the patient is the right candidate,” Scott added, “the decision to go with the CyberKnife is a nobrainer.”

    Scott, Prostate Cancer

  • "I was kind of scared before I went in,” Sean admitted, because his surgery a year before resulted in a hospital stay and a lot of facial bruising. “But the CyberKnife treatment was easy. I just went to sleep while they did it, and then went back to the hotel with my parents."

    Sean, Orbital Lymphangioma

  • "The entire CyberKnife journey was very easy. My quality of life never changed, and for me, that was a big deal because I didn’t want my children’s lives to be different. There are others I know, who have had the same type of tumor and opted for microsurgery. But they have had completely different outcomes, and every day is hard for them. I feel almost guilty that the whole process has been so easy for me.”

    Suzanne, Brain Tumor