Benefits of CyberKnife – #8 Painless Procedure

Painless Cancer Treatment in Los Angeles, CA

Fighting cancer can be one of life’s greatest challenges – and at Pasadena CyberKnife Center, we are your committed ally in that battle. As a world-class cancer treatment facility serving patients throughout Pasadena and the greater LA area, we’re proud to provide the revolutionary CyberKnife Robotic Radiosurgery System. CyberKnife is a paradigm-shifting cancer treatment that uses non-surgical, non-invasive radiation to treat cancerous tumors virtually anywhere in the body – and one of the most important benefits is that treatment with CyberKnife is entirely painless.

Invisible Radiation for Pain-Free Cancer Treatment

CyberKnife isn’t like many other forms of cancer treatment which use surgery or pharmaceuticals to target tumors. Instead, CyberKnife uses a concentrated, highly targeted beam of radiation to attack tumors. This radiation therapy treatment doesn’t require any form of surgery or incision, and because CyberKnife can target tumors with sub-millimeter accuracy, it leaves surrounding tissues almost untouched – attacking only the cancerous cells of the tumor.

Thanks to its incredible precision and ability to protect surrounding tissue, CyberKnife causes minimal side effects from treatment and requires virtually no recovery time. It also means that the treatment process itself is painless: all you have to do is lie comfortably on the treatment couch and let CyberKnife do its work. During your treatment sessions, you’ll lie still as CyberKnife delivers a blast of radiation directly to the tumor, killing cancerous cells while protecting the rest of your body.

Radiation Therapy Without Braces

In the past, radiation therapy cancer treatments required the use of heavy-duty immobility devices called braces. Bolted to the body of a patient, these devices attempted immobilized the site of a tumor – but they often had little success, and they were uncomfortable and sometimes painful to wear.

CyberKnife solves this problem by using advanced medical imaging technology and the breakthrough Synchrony Respiratory Tracking System. With this technology, CyberKnife is able to monitor the movement of the tumor caused by breathing and other involuntary bodily functions, adjusting for this movement in real time to ensure that radiation only hits the tumor itself. This means CyberKnife can deliver pinpoint radiation without the need for cumbersome, uncomfortable immobility devices – and makes CyberKnife more comfortable than any other treatment on the market.

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