Benefits of CyberKnife – #9 Safe

Safe Cancer Treatment in Los Angeles & Pasadena, CA

At Pasadena CyberKnife Center, we understand how difficult and tiring the cancer treatment process can be – and our mission is to provide a better option. Our CyberKnife Robotic Radiosurgery System provides a non-surgical, non-invasive treatment alternative for a wide variety of cancers, and our state-of-the-art Pasadena cancer treatment facility is one of the best in the region. CyberKnife comes with a wide variety of advantages and benefits, but without a doubt, the most important one is the inherent safety of the system.

How CyberKnife Goes Beyond Traditional Treatment

Modern medicine has made incredible strides in cancer treatment. The surgeries, medicines, and chemical-based therapies of today are safer and more effective than ever before – but CyberKnife offers an even safer, more powerful option.

While surgery is still an effective method in many cases and may be recommended for some patients, CyberKnife can often treat patients safely on its own or work in concert with surgery to create a more effective treatment overall. In some cases, CyberKnife can even treat patients who aren’t a candidate for surgery, providing treatment that would have been impossible before. CyberKnife is completely noninvasive, so there are no incisions and none of the recovery process that comes with surgery. And, when used in combination with surgery, CyberKnife makes the treatment process easier and more effective.

We can often use CyberKnife to shrink a tumor prior to surgery, to minimize the chance of recurrence, or to eliminate the tumor entirely. In every case, CyberKnife offers an effective, noninvasive treatment on its own, or helps to make the overall treatment safer and more effective.

CyberKnife can also offer a supplement to treatments like chemotherapy. Chemotherapy, while effective in many cases, puts major stresses on the body – but CyberKnife can limit these problems. We can often use CyberKnife to treat one or more of the largest tumors, relying on chemo to attack smaller tumors and other stray cancer cells throughout the body. This combined form of treatment makes chemotherapy a less intensive and more convenient treatment, creating a safer overall treatment for the patient. And in many cases, we can treat cancer with CyberKnife alone – meaning patients can avoid the stress of chemotherapy entirely.

A Safe, Non-Surgical Solution

The key to CyberKnife’s safety and efficacy is its radically different approach to treating cancer. CyberKnife uses a precisely controlled beam of high-powered radiation to attack cancerous tumors. Delivered from a robotic arm capable of swiveling to target radiation from nearly any angle, the CyberKnife system uses state-of-the-art medical imaging and motion-tracking technology to deliver radiation to a tumor with sub-millimeter accuracy, minimizing damage to surrounding tissues and cells. It requires no incisions, no anesthesia, and no pharmaceutical drugs – patients simply lie comfortably on the treatment couch as CyberKnife does its work.

All of this means that CyberKnife comes with minimal to no side effects and requires almost no recovery time. But even more importantly, it means CyberKnife is inherently safe. CyberKnife doesn’t require a significant recovery period, it doesn’t require the use of a generalized toxin in the body, and it leaves the tissues surrounding the cancerous tumor virtually untouched. All in all, it’s one of the safest cancer treatments on the market, and it can be combined with more traditional treatments to provide the safest, most effective treatment option for patients. And at Pasadena CyberKnife Center, we are experts in using it to treat virtually any form of cancer.

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