SpaceOAR Hydrogel & Radiation Oncology

Pasadena Cyberknife uses state-of-the-art technology to offer the highest quality radiation oncology and prostate cancer treatment. Our radiation center is proud to offer SpaceOAR hydrogel, an innovative option for men who need radiation therapy and prostate cancer surgery. If you have been newly diagnosed with prostate cancer, discuss the use of SpaceOAR hydrogel with our skilled oncology physicians today.

What is SpaceOAR® Hydrogel?

SpaceOAR® hydrogel is an option for men who undergo radiation treatment for prostate cancer. It acts as a spacer providing space between the rectum and the prostate, making it much less likely that the rectum is exposed to radiation. It is injected into place prior to the start of radiation treatment. Patients may be awake or asleep under general anesthesia for the procedure. SpaceOAR® hydrogel remains stable during radiation therapy and then is gradually absorbed by the body after radiation therapy has been completed.

Frequently Asked Questions About SpaceOAR & Radiation Oncology

If you are interested in SpaceOAR hydrogel to use in combination with your prostate cancer treatment, contact Pasadena Cyberknife to discuss your options. Our radiation oncology center will be more than happy to talk through your options. Check out some of our most asked questions below.

Why Should I Have SpaceOAR Hydrogel?

The goal of radiation therapy is to maximize radiation to the prostate and to avoid radiating surrounding normal tissue. The prostate and rectum are very close and are only naturally separated by a small space. Due to this closeness, prostate radiation therapy can accidentally cause damage to the rectum. SpaceOAR hydrogel is a gel-like material that temporarily moves the rectal wall away from the prostate during radiation oncology treatment. By separating the prostate from the rectum, SpaceOAR hydrogel reduces radiation dose delivered to the rectum and may eliminate or reduce damage to the rectum. It may also allow your doctor to enhance radiation treatment to your prostate to better target the cancer or to reduce the total number of treatment sessions. Ultimately, SpaceOAR hydrogel can greatly increase the benefits of your prostate cancer treatment.

Is SpaceOAR Hydrogel Safe?

SpaceOAR hydrogel is made of two liquids that when combined form a soft gel-like synthetic material that is mostly made of water. Because of its water content it is called a hydrogel. The material that the SpaceOAR hydrogel is made from has been used in other implants such as surgical sealants used on the eye, brain and spine. Studies have shown that the material is biocompatible and can be used safely in the body. SpaceOAR hydrogel is commercially available in the United States and approved in countries outside the United States.

What Are The Risks?

SpaceOAR is intended to temporarily position the anterior rectal wall away from the prostate during radiotherapy for prostate cancer.By creating this space, it is the intent of SpaceOAR hydrogel to reduce the radiation dose delivered to the anterior rectum. The SpaceOAR hydrogel is composed of biodegradable material and maintains space for the entire course of prostate radiotherapy treatment. It is completely absorbed by the patient’s body over time.

Clinical data comparing patients with and without SpaceOAR hydrogel demonstrated the benefits of SpaceOAR hydrogel to include reduction of rectal toxicity resulting in improved bowel function, improvements in urinary function, and a higher likelihood to maintain sexual function.

Potential complications associated with SpaceOAR hydrogel include but are not limited to pain associated with SpaceOAR hydrogel injection; pain or discomfort associated with SpaceOAR hydrogel, needle penetration of the bladder, prostate, rectal wall, rectum, or urethra; injection of SpaceOAR hydrogel into the bladder, prostate, rectal wall, rectum, or urethra; local inflammatory reactions; infection; injection of air, fluid or SpaceOAR hydrogel intravascularly; urinary retention; rectal mucosal damage, ulcers, necrosis; bleeding; constipation; and rectal urgency.

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