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Thanks for contacting us at Pasadena CyberKnife – you’ve taken the first step towards powerful, noninvasive cancer treatment and started the road to recovery. We’ll reach out to you in the next 24 hours to talk more about your condition and outline the next steps for scheduling a consultation and moving forward with treatment. Together, we can create a comprehensive treatment plan that lets you beat cancer on your own terms and return to the life you love.

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In the meantime, one of the most powerful steps you can take as a cancer patient is self-education. The more you know about your condition and the treatments available to you, the better you’ll be able to make informed decisions that truly promote your health and well-being. Our team members will take the time to explain every concept in detail and answer any questions you have, but we encourage you to learn more about your cancer using the resources on our site. Feel free to explore your own cancerous condition:

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Our mission is to be a comprehensive resource to you throughout the cancer treatment process – and that means we do more than provide world-class radiation therapy. We update our blog regularly with information, tips, and suggestions on how to best handle cancer treatment, and you can use current and past blog posts as a resource when fighting cancer. You’ll find recipes, activities, and other information specifically tailored to cancer patients – check out our blog today.

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At our cancer center, we offer the CyberKnife System: a groundbreaking radiation therapy treatment that kills cancer cells and eliminates tumors without the need for surgery or any other invasive procedures. If you’re still unclear on what CyberKnife is or how it works, our site features a plethora of resources. Feel free to learn more by getting a general overview of CyberKnife, learning more about the treatment process, or getting answers to the most common questions regarding CyberKnife. And as always, you can always contact us if you’d like to know more.

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Pasadena CyberKnife is your resource in the fight against cancer – and we’re looking forward to partnering with you to beat it. We’ll do our best to respond to your inquiry within 24 hours, but if you still have questions or want to get in touch with us right away, you’re welcome to call us at 626.768.1021. We look forward to hearing from you, and we’re excited to help you overcome your condition and reclaim a healthy, normal lifestyle.