Other Team Members

Medical Physicist, Radiation Therapists, Patient Care Coordinator

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Other Team Members

CyberKnife Medical Physicist

Our physicist works closely with our physicians and radiation therapists to assure that the highest level of safety and quality care is maintained during the entire treatment process. In addition, our physicist is responsible for treatment planning and providing quality assurance testing of the CyberKnife machine and its components.

Radiation Therapists

Our board-certified radiation therapists play a vital role in the caring of our patients. Their main responsibilities are to assist our physicians with advanced radiation planning and to administer the planned treatment. In addition to our physicians, our radiation therapists are also available to answer any questions our patients and/or their families may have.

Patient Care Coordinators

Our caring patient care coordinators serve as liaisons between our patients and our medical staff. They are responsible for a number of tasks that keep our center running smoothly – from arranging and tracking appointment to ensuring patients understand every aspect of their care, they play an active role in caring for patients under the supervision of our Director of Operations.

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