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New Patient Testimonial =)

We just received another wonderful patient testimonial =)  Today is a happy day =)

“I had no idea what to expect with the new treatment. I was very pleasantly surprised that the whole experience has been so easy. I had no pain or after effects of any kind. The doctors and the staff have been most helpful and took good care of me. All my questions were answered and I have felt comfortable at all times throughout the procedure.” 


Are you a morning smoker?

The following story was written by Remy Melina, contributor at MyHealthNewsDaily on Aug 8, 2011.  You can follow Remy Melina on Twitter @remymelina, and follow MyHealthNewsDaily @MyHealth_MHND. 

For some smokers, having a cigarette is an early morning ritual, but this habit may be even more harmful than smoking later in the day.

Smoking soon after waking up increases the risk of developing lung, head and neck cancers, two new studies show.

“These smokers have higher levels of nicotine and possibly other tobacco toxins in their body, and they may be more addicted than smokers who refrain from smoking for a half hour or more,” study researcher Joshua Muscat of the Penn State College of Medicine, said in a statement.

In an effort to determine why only some smokers get cancer, researchers investigated whether how soon a person has his or her first cigarette after waking up affects their risk of lung, head and neck cancers — independent of how often they smoke and for how long they’ve had the habit.

One study included 4,775 lung cancer patients and 2,835 other regular cigarette smokers who didn’t have lung cancer. People who smoked within 30 minutes of waking up were 1.79 times more likely to develop lung cancer than those who waited more than 60 minutes to light up, the study showed.

And people who smoked 31 to 60 minutes after waking up were 1.31 times more likely to develop lung cancer than those who waited at least an hour, the study said.

A second study included 1,055 people with head and neck cancer and 795 people who had smoked but didn’t have head and neck cancer. Those who smoked within 30 minutes of waking were 1.59 times more likely to develop head and neck cancer than those who waited an hour, the study showed.

And those who smoked 31 to 60 minutes after waking were 1.42 times more likely to develop head and neck cancer  than those who waited at least 60 minutes.

Researchers said that the results may help recognize smokers who are at an especially high risk of developing lung, head and neck cancers, and who would therefore benefit from targeted smoking cessation programs.

Still, smoking cigarettes anytime increases one’s likelihood of developing various types of cancers, the researchers said.

The findings are published today (Aug. 8) in the journal Cancer.

Pass it on: Those who smoke soon after waking up in the morning may have a higher risk of developing lung, head and neck cancers.


The Cancer Support Community in Pasadena

Our Medical Director, Dr. Albert Mak, was invited to speak at the Cancer Support Community in Pasadena (formerly known as the Wellness Community) yesterday.  He gave a presentation on the “CyberKnife Radiosurgery Treatment” and a brief overview of “How to Manage Side Effects”.

The attendees learned about the difference between radiation therapy and radiosurgery, different types of radiosurgery treatments available, an introduction of the CyberKnife treatment, and how to manage side effects.  Most of the attendees have not heard of the CyberKnife treatment before and after listening to the presentation, they were all very impressed with what the CyberKnife could offer.  The presentation went very well and we want to thank everyone for attending.  It’s very nice meeting each of you and we wish you all the best of luck and happiness for the future! =)

Dr. Mak speaking at the Cancer Support Community workshop

We would also like to once again thank Jill at the Cancer Support Community Pasadena for giving us the opportunity to speak at their workshop.  The Cancer Support Community is a great place for people who are affected by cancer to get psychological and social support.  Their mission is to help those affected by cancer enhance their health and well-being through participation in a professional program of emotional support, education and hope.  They provide professionally-led programs of support to people with cancer and their loved ones no matter what kind of cancer or where they are on their cancer journey.  Participants can choose to participate in a variety of programs designed to help them learn more about cancer and its treatment, as well as connecting with and learning from others as you face cancer together.  In addition to educational workshops like the one we just did, they also offer “mind and body” classes ranging from yoga, tai chi to painting and knitting.  All the workshops and classes at the Cancer Support Community are provided free of charge!  Remember, you don’t have to fight cancer alone, there are resources available in the community that aim to help those affected by cancer.  For more information on the Cancer Support Community, please visit their website at