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At Pasadena CyberKnife Center, we are experts in treating virtually every form of cancer. Our treatment team of doctors, radiation oncologists, and cancer-fighting specialists are experts in combating a wide range of cancers, and we use world-class technologies to offer a comprehensive, effective, and convenient treatment plan no matter what condition you’re fighting. Kidney cancer is among the most common cancers in America for both men and women, and with CyberKnife, we can provide an effective treatment without putting your body and your kidneys at risk.

An Unparalleled Treatment for Kidney Cancer

Traditionally, doctors would primarily rely on surgery or chemotherapy for kidney cancer treatment – but CyberKnife offers a new solution. Instead of surgical methods, CyberKnife uses powerful radiosurgery techniques, delivering high-dose radiation directly to the site of the tumor with sub-millimeter accuracy. CyberKnife lets our team treat kidney cancer with an outpatient procedure that minimally impacts your day-to-day routine and provides a high success rate.

CyberKnife brings together some of the most advanced medical technology on the planet today to create one of the most effective and convenient cancer treatment methods on the market. Thanks to its use of the Synchrony Respiratory Tracking System, CyberKnife is the only radiotherapy system on the market today capable of tracking and compensating for a tumor’s movement in real time as it moves in time with a patient’s breath. CyberKnife offers a variety of benefits, including:

  • Sub-millimeter accuracy of radiation delivery, providing maximum dosage with minimal exposure to surrounding cells and tissues.
  • Real-time imaging, tracking, and adjustment for tumor motion to ensure accurate radiation delivery.
  • Completely non-invasive and non-surgical, providing minimal side effects and improved recovery time.
  • Treatment on outpatient basis which requires no hospital stay and lets the patient continue with their daily routine after treatment.
  • Radiation delivered in 1 to 5 treatment sessions over the course of a week.

The CyberKnife Treatment Process

Because the kidney is located so close to the lungs and the bowels, the tumor moves constantly from regular, involuntary functions like breathing and movement of gas through the body. To deal with this movement, many radiosurgery systems require the use of braces and uncomfortable immobility devices to stabilize the tumor – and even then, accurate delivery is never guaranteed.

CyberKnife, however, does away with the need for braces and immobility devices. Using advanced imaging and motion tracking software, CyberKnife is able to measure the tumor’s movement and account for it in real time, ensuring continuous, accurate radiation delivery throughout the entire treatment session. This tracking capability means the patient never needs to wear a brace or immobility device – all they have to do is lie comfortably while CyberKnife delivers treatment.

Treatment is completed on an outpatient basis, and patients are free to go about their lives as normal following a treatment session. The sessions last about an hour, and most patients complete their recommended dose of radiation in 1 to 5 sessions over the course of a week. Truly, CyberKnife offers a convenient, effective treatment for kidney and other forms of cancer.

Treatment for All Forms of Kidney Cancer

CyberKnife offers an effective, convenient, and comprehensive form of treatment for almost any case of kidney cancer. The overwhelming majority of kidney cancers fall into one of two categories:

  • Renal Cell Carcinoma
  • Transitional Cell Carcinoma

As with all forms of cancer, prevention or early diagnosis offers the best chance for successful treatment. When caught early, most tumors respond well to cancer treatment.

However, with CyberKnife, we can often treat more aggressive or metastatic forms of cancer. No matter how serious your condition or what you’re up against, the team at Pasadena CyberKnife Center is committed to helping you thrive.

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